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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shoes are just like men and boys! Yes thats what I have come to understand. There are so many potential seekers but you will always be picking that one and the same one automatically. In as much am a shoe "collector" I mean, I enjoy the fun of having them in all shades and shapes, but am forever feeling some typa way when I wear these sandals. It only occurs to me when in later look at my blog or photos as one of the things that I never wasted money on ha!


How are you guys doing? How is the weather on your side? 

Here in Munich its like we skipped Autumn and just got from a hot summer direct into a cold and rainy winter! Its so disgusting but we pushing through. But that won't stop us from rocking the outfits that we declared for the fall! Any little chance when the sun shows up like last Sunday, I am always on the go as I got much to share with you sweets.

So today I would love to share some earth tones. I am a casual chic lover of late and a sneaker type of person during the week. In as much as my looks are sporty I try giving it a touch of chic or something special to it. Not everyday jeans and tee from Monday to Friday aaaih! Sometimes culottes or jogger pants like this one here. Its just too cool and when I feel my outfit then is my day well taken care of. Thats the top secret to having productive day in my opinion,cause am happy inside and I think everyone should at least find that one thing that starts your day in the best way. It could be a song, breakfast, outfit or someone special/ funny.

So I got my joggers sometimes back from Zara and the good news is that they are currently on SALE! and my bomber jacket Is from Amazon. You know I just discovered shopping clothes on Amazon recently. Normally I love going shopping clothes personally as thats a special activity in my life but its so tiresome sometimes and sometimes am looking for something specific but don't know where to go exactly. But ever since I discovered the fashion stores on Amazon am very loyal ha!

So dearies how do you guys shop best? I am not so much of an online shopper as sometimes goodies are not what they look like online  but for variety I always find myself doing it.

Do you feel this look? How would you wear the joggers and Bomber? I know most of you will be shouting  "With sneakers" ha!


Thank you so much for reading
Enjoy your new Week 
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