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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Happy new week guys! It is another beautiful time of the month and this way the week is just great right? I mean if you spent some time working its now time to check your account by Friday cause girl we are getting the goodies (inserting some smileys here) That brings me to my point again, How do you guys save your money cause mine is already budgeted and I can actually say this month the account will be on the other side (reading negative). But then again my motto says, "LIFE IS TOO SHORT AND CAN NEVER BE REHEARSED" my dear. This is the point ha! When you are young and energetic and can make good use of the money, its never enough but when you old and weary you have more than you need. Life can be so unfair right! Don't use my motto oh I am a spender and I need to start saving money.


How are you working it out. Considering this sale moment too and bearing in mind that a girl has to look great and the heart wants what it wants...

Anyways putting the money problems aside, How about these Marylin Monroe moments that I tried catching in my beautiful dress here. I got a voucher from my girls over the new year and I couldn't wait to make use of  it(spender problems, no patience at all) So I went to HM and this caught my eyes immediately,  Initialy I wanted to wear it with nice red pumps or heeled Sandals but the snow didn't make it easy but am very happy at how it looks worn with these red over knee boots. 

The material of the dress is really amazing, kind of a nice satin and holds to the skin in such a way that it might be too sexy for church lol. The beautiful long sleeves, the neck tie details and the pleated side make it very special. I love the blush colour of it too and I think I will definitely recreat this look in spring/summer.

How would you wear it?

Do you feel it with these over knees boots?

Did you also notice my glasses?


Thank you so much for ready 
Have a fabulous Week
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